A Story about a Name and a Sign

When deciding upon a name for the company, we spent many days trying to find the perfect title.  We wanted it to fit us, to embody us, to be more than just a name.  After many variations, we settled on Iron Point.  The 'iron' in the name comes from the book of Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another".  We felt this was such a strong verse in how we wanted to live, that it just had to be in the name.  Add to that, iron is one of the oldest forms of construction material and considered a symbol of strength.  The 'point' comes from wanting to be at the tip of something big.  We feel as if we can lead the way in ideas, innovation, and construction and felt like "Iron Point" encompassed that entirely.

The development and creation of the sign and symbol was also arduous.  We wanted something that would set us apart and truly show what and who we are.  Often times, the first thing somebody sees when looking at a house or piece of land is a sign sitting out front, usually on a flimsy stick, blowing in the wind.  This is not to put down anyone that chooses that method, but we didn't want that.  We wanted something sturdy, well crafted, simple, and yet eye catching.  The posts are constructed out of treated and stained material giving an old style craftsman look to it.  The sign itself is a heavy aluminum with the crossed mallet hammers on the front as our logo.  Nothing is by accident as even the colors were chosen specifically to meet our standards.  As you can see, a lot of thought went into this.  DETAILS matter, and it shows even in our sign.  From the beginning to the end, we want to be seen as detailed, mindful, and precise.  We have been told many times by people, "We love your sign, its great looking", and I cant help but to say, "you think our sign is great, wait til you see one of our houses!"

Nick Bradshaw, P.E.

Personal Story

Hi, I am Nick Bradshaw!  I was born and raised in Memphis, TN but have now been living in Madison, MS for the last ten years.  A while back, I made the smartest decision I have ever made and married my best friend Rachel.  With her, we have three wonderful kids - a girl named Harper, age 6, a boy named Hutton, age 4, another boy named Ryder, age 1 and a trusty lab named Abby, age 10 (can't forget her, she is the original first child).  They keep us on our toes constantly, but they are without a doubt, the most fun anyone could possibly imagine.  I cherish my family and the time with them more than anything in the world.  I truly consider myself blessed more than I deserve, and can only thank God for such.  I am an Entrepreneur at heart and revel in buying and selling things.  Some may think that's kind of weird, but I think it's fun.  I love sports, garage sales, traveling, outdoors, ice cream, and food.

When I was younger, I remember traveling around with my dad to various job sites and "helping" him build things.  He was a builder/developer and when I grew up, I wanted to follow in his footsteps.  I studied as a Civil Engineer thinking this would lead me to a direct path to wealth and knowledge.  Well...I was right about one of those things, the knowledge part.  Being young and naive, I was unaware that not just anybody could just start developing land or build houses out of thin air.  It took money, relationships, and know-how.   While working for various firms throughout the state, in the back of my mind, I kept circling back to real estate.  I loved everything about it, sales, markets, design, construction, visual changes, joy of seeing a finished product, and the joy of working with people and seeing their dreams come to life.  With this in mind, I finally made it official and created Iron Point Construction.  

Quick Bio

Nick attended both the University of Mississippi and the University of Memphis graduating with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  In college Nick was fortunate enough to play baseball and participate in several post-season games along with setting several records as a freshman.  After logging several years of civil design work with firms in both Oxford, MS and Jackson, MS, Nick decided to broaden his work base and began working in the Economic Development field with the state of Mississippi's Development Authority.  Through both lines of work, he was able to accumulate experience in building and design, development procedures, project management, finance, sales, and professionalism while meeting and working with top CEO's in the country.  Currently, Nick holds a license as a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Mississippi.  

Along with owning Iron Point Construction, Nick also is the founder of a real estate investment firm headquartered in Madison, MS - Iron Butterfly Investments.  This group serves to create and establish real estate developments in targeted areas providing strong returns to each shareholder.